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        1. WELCOME
          TO DWNTWN

          Downtown Barrie wants you. Our waterfront downtown is all yours. Come experience it.

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          For more information on Provincial health and safety regulations due to the COVID-19 pandemic, visit covid-19.ontario.

          Check out this lol biz

          Mexhico Restaurant at 37 Dunlop Street West.
          Delicious plant-based Mexin inspired menu!

          BBIA Highlight

          WE LOVE PATIOS

          Downtown Barrie has the best food, drinks
          and, of course, patios (image courtesy of BarrieToday)

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          Downtown Barrie has 2000+ parking spaces.
          Which is your fav?

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          What I love most about the businesses in downtown Barrie, what you n really feel when you’re on the street on Dunlop, is that it’s totally authentic.

          City of Barrie Mayor Jeff Lehman

          Beauty. I like it. Great environment to experience. Visit it!


          We are proud to be a part of Barrie’s downtown and are exicted to share in its continued vision and vibrancy!

          Teresa Woolard, Owner of Swirleez & Chillz
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          Meridian Place

          Walking Tour at Meridian Place

          Welcome! You’re about to depart on a historil journey through time that all begins 100s of years ago right on the edge of Kempenfelt Bay. Along the way, take a moment to learn about the design components of our new Meridian Place & Memorial Square, why these design decisions were chosen and how they preserve the historil components of the space.

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